Which is the Best Property Management Course for you?

November 8th, 2011

When you are thinking of how to secure your future, and are looking for the best way to maximise your existing assets, and make them work for you in a way that will grow their value and provide for your retirement, then investing in property is an enduring field. By taking a property management course, you will stand yourself in good stead to go into this field and not only secure your future, but could give you a great deal of enjoyment too.

Why Property Management?
Although we are currently working through a recession, and the levels of unemployment are rising and money is becoming more difficult to make, on of the areas in which profits and prices haven’t dropped as much as you would have expected is property. Property is an overwhelmingly aspirational thing, everyone wants to own their own home, and those who already do are often looking to move up the housing ladder. This is why property appears to still be in high demand and with the right skills you can still make a profit in the field, and this is what a property management course will equip you for.

What to Look For
When you are searching for the right property management course that will meet your needs, it is important to bear in mind what the different courses will provide at different levels. If you are looking at courses at degree level, or courses provided through universities, they are likely to go into a fairly high level of detail, and be quite intense, however shorter courses tend to be more general, and can provide you with a more general look at the topic. What you are looking to achieve in the field and the time you have to dedicate will usually dictate which sort of property management course will be suitable for you.

A Masters course in Property Management at University of Westminster currently costs £3290 for UK & EU residents and lasts one year full time and two years part time.

What You Can Gain From The Course
One of the key things that you will be gaining from studying a property management course will be to learn from the experience of others. Reputable colleges and schools offering these courses will have experts such as real estate solicitors, property inspectors and accountants who will be guiding the different classes, so by working with these people you will gain much more information about property management, and the pitfalls that can strike.

Whether you are looking at property management as a strategy with which to supplement your existing income, and to invest your funds profitably, or are looking to move into property management as your primary career, attending these courses can really help you in achieving your aims and have a plan in place for your future.

Finding the Right Colleges for Psychology Study

November 8th, 2011

Whilst many people in today’s world are looking for the careers that will prove to be the most lucrative and profitable, we also need those who are driven by the urge to help others. Not to say that psychology cannot be lucrative, but it is the satisfaction of helping others which is likely to encourage you to consider choosing to study psychology.


Features to Look for in Colleges for Psychology

When you’re looking for the best colleges for psychology study, then you are going to need to take a few factors into consideration about the specific facilities that each college can offer. You should look at whether or not the college you are looking at offers only a general psychology course, or whether it has specialisations which are appropriate to the field of psychology you are considering. If would also be beneficial to consider what research facilities and opportunities that you will have as a student there, as the better these are, the better they are as colleges for psychology. Stanford and Yale Universities are some of the most famous for their psychology programs.


The Quality of the College

Now that you’ve decided to look at colleges for psychology, if you are really looking to stand out when you go into the field after graduation, then choosing one of the best respected colleges should help you do this. Every country will have an annual review of colleges, which will be assessed in terms of their performance and the skill of their graduates, so whether it is published by the media or by an association of colleges, having a look at this will always be a good idea in helping you to choose.


The Alumni

Selecting the right one from the range of colleges for psychology is certainly a difficult task, and with so much riding on the decision, then it is important to get it right. A good way of seeing how a college performs is by looking at its alumni. Are they leaders in the field, and is their published research widely respected and quoted by other psychologists? If there are a number of alumni which have proceeded to become leaders in psychology, then that can be a good indication that it is one of the best colleges for psychology.


Choosing a College for Psychology That Suits You

Although it is important to make sure that your college will stand you in good stead for a career in psychology, it is also important that you will be happy there. If you will want to know everyone you meet then a college with a smaller campus can often be better for you, and if you want an endless stream of people to meet, then the larger campuses might be more suitable.

Ultimately, this will be a big decision for you, but by doing your research and following these tips, then you are improving your chances of getting the right course for you.

Selecting the Best Certified Financial Planning Course

November 8th, 2011

Almost anyone who will have any available funds during their life can benefit from referring to a certified financial planner (CFP) to help them plan the best way to invest their money, and what sort of strategy would provide the best return with the flexibility they need. Because of this demand, that is, why there will always be a need for CFPs, and why so many people will take a CFP course so they can fulfil this demand.


What You Will Gain from a Certified Financial Planning Course

The title of Certified Financial Planner is given to those individuals who complete accredited courses and then pass the exams to a satisfactory level and become CFPs. Once you’ve passed your CFP course and exams, then you will be able to take a role in which your main duties will be in guiding both people and companies in how to invest their available funds, formulate a plan to minimise taxation and make those vital financial decisions which will be key to their futures.


Choosing Your Course

There are many educational and training bodies at which you can undertake your CFP course, and many of these will be able to offer you the option of whether you wish to complete a general course, or whether you would like to specialise in one aspect, such as retirement planning, investment, tax planning or real estate. If you are a newcomer coming in to this field, then it is usually recommended to undertake a general course so that you will earn a broader knowledge, but if you are already working in the financial industry and know which field you wish to work in, then a more specialised course might be suitable.

The costs for CFP courses can range massively depending on the level of the course, the qualifications, etc. CFP at the open University would currently cost £3505, £250+ for registration with CFP regulatory body +annual subs. A course at Boston University however can be $2800, with an additional $5500 for full certification. Courses tend to last 1-2 years, but distance learning courses can be completed quicker or slower.


Requirements Before Taking Certified Financial Planning Course

Most people starting on a CFP course will already need to have completed a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a similar subject, before being accepted on to the course. However, many universities or colleges will be able to offer foundation courses in topics related to becoming a CFP which can help you in getting accepted on to the course, or if you have demonstrable experience in the field then they may be willing to make an exception for you.



Once you have graduated from your CFP course, most of the roles that you will be applying for will be mainly office based. Your duties will involve analysing the financial situation and requirements of your clients, and then providing tailored requirements which will best suit their needs. Your plans will need to be able to cater for long-term goals as well as providing for the short-term.

If you want to become a CFP, then completing the relevant course and passing the exam is essential. By using the information included here, and doing some research, then you will be able to find the course that will suit you.

Small Wedding Ideas – Planning Tips for success

October 5th, 2011

Looking for small wedding ideas? Planning a wedding can be exciting, fun and stressful. There is so much to prepare for with so many time constraints.  Really depending on what your dreams were growing up, planning a small wedding can be more cost effective, more intimate and just overall a less taxing job. Here are a few good tips for planning that small wedding!

Small Wedding Ideas for the Guest List

Keeping the guest list to a minimum can be difficult when you sit down with your partner. You each want to invite certain family and friends. Having these people there to share this turning point in your life is important and it should be! However, if you decide you are going with a small wedding maybe only invite twenty people each. This will make the overall occasion more personable and cost effective.

Small Wedding Ideas for an Outside Wedding

When planning this small wedding, it really opens up the endless possibilities of where to get married. For example, why not try the beach? This location is usually free, secluded and easily accessible for a small number of guests. Also consider a location like a local a park or waterfront property. These choices may be cheap or free and when you only have a small number of guests it is easier to reserve. If you are also looking for more small wedding ideas also read about outdoor wedding ideas here.

Image of couple to illustrate small wedding ideas

Saying “I Do” with the bride and groom?

If there is adequate room and the number of guest is limited, invite them to stand with the bride and groom. This may be an unconventional way of attending a wedding, but it would be a wedding to remember. This allows the guest to get up close and gives a personal touch aside from having them sit down.

Going to the Chapel

Another one of the very, very small wedding ideas is to go to the courthouse. The bride and groom may bring a witness or two, but this is one of the most money saving ways to get married. This has become more acceptable in the last few years. Even though it is a small wedding, many may agree to small and in personable.

Not an ordinary Party Favor

If you are saving the expense of inviting a lot of guest you will be able to spend money in other areas if you wish. One area would be to design a party favor that would be more of a keepsake for the guest. Maybe a mini keychain with you and your spouse with the date of the wedding, or maybe a program that lays out background information about you and your spouse. A token of something to remember you by will last forever.

Small wedding ideas do not have to cost and arm and a leg. Small weddings are really becoming the “in” thing to do. It makes that much more personal and something that will be cherished by many. Use small wedding ideas to make the memories of your special day last a lifetime!

Wedding Invitations – Tips for Saving Time and Money on Invitations For Your Wedding

June 16th, 2011

What to do about Wedding Invitations. Your guy has proposed to you on a beach at sunset, how romantic. Now your head is racing with the many preparations that you need to get done before the big day. Of course, at the top of the list is wedding invitations. With so many options where to buy them or print them yourself how do you know which is best? Let us take the stress off of you a bit and help!

Buying Wedding Invitations

OK, lets start by saying that this is probably going to be the most expensive way to do your invitations. On the other hand, this can be one of the most professional ways. There are many companies online that offer discounts, free shipping and more. If possible read reviews of the companies and be sure to check out their return policy. What if they print the invitations wrong, will they replace them? A good reputable company will work with you to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the final product. They know that you are trying to make an impression with the wedding invitations so modesty is not necessarily key.

Image of Wedding gift with wedding invitations

Printing The Wedding Invitations Yourself

There are many companies that carry a wide variety of blank wedding invitations. If you are crafty or want to save some money, print the invitations yourself. Now you should keep in mind if you have a large guest list then weigh the cost of buying them printed to the cost of replacing ink in your printer. If the guest list is huge, then you might just find a deal that you cannot resist online. Go for it, save where you can save. In addition to wedding invitations you may also be able to save on wedding address labels using this technique.

Online Wedding Invitations

In this technological advanced world we live in people stay connected to the internet in many ways. Whether it is by email, social networking, or instant messaging connecting with people online is easier than ever. So, in order to save a little postage and cost on printing invitations, why not send them via the web? Of course one of the biggest benefits of doing it this way is saving money, but also you are able to reach the guest sooner, and helping the environment. Why not have them R.S.V.P. back to you via the web and it is a done deal with little effort and no cost!

There are a variety of ways to create the perfect wedding invitation for your needs. Do not fret if you have a budget that is limited, having gorgeous and elegant wedding invitations are still within your reach. Never settle for less when you should settle for the best wedding invitations for your special day!

Wedding Address Labels | Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Ideal Labels

June 16th, 2011

Looking to save money on wedding address labels. You have decided on the most beautiful invitations that money can buy, but now you must decide on what to do for the wedding address labels. Cutting expenses where you can when it comes to wedding planning is important. So how can you cut cost on the wedding address labels you might ask? Where is the cheapest place to buy them? Or should I make them myself? Read on for tips to help you tackle all these questions!

Tips for Buying Wedding Address Labels

As we all know there are numerous companies out there that lay claim to the cheapest wedding address labels around. When you are trying to decide on one company it can be difficult because you are not only looking for inexpensive labels, but quality and finding both can be a challenge. Having the option of personalizing the wedding address labels with your own touch can mean the difference to you. Some sites offer free shipping and discounts when ordering a certain quantity. Be sure to check the return policy as well in case there is a problem with the labels. There are companies out there that will allow you to keep them and they will reprint for free if it was their mistake.

Do It Yourself Wedding Address Labels

With the modern technology available today, there are many different programs that exhibit real print quality. If you are equipped with the right printer and labels, the options of designs and colors is endless. So you want to add some clip art, there are sites online that offer free clip art downloads. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to print the labels, unless you have to print hundreds. Then you might run into the expense of buying new ink cartridges for the printer. All in all, printing your own wedding address labels can be fun, cheap and unique.

image of wedding invitation illustrating wedding address labels

Low cost Wedding Address Labels

If you decide that printing the wedding address labels is the way to go check around for the best prices on the labels themselves. Many arts and craft stores carry a variety of labels that are textured which adds a little zing to the envelope! As always there are many places on the internet that carry them at a reasonable cost but be careful because sometimes shipping will get you. Finding a store with free shipping and it can be worth it!

The wedding invitations and wedding address labels you choose to send out should reflect the real bride and groom. Adding a personal touch with the wedding address labels may not seem like much to the recipient but you know how great it looks.

Winter Wedding Ideas – Great Ideas for Making your Wedding Special

June 16th, 2011

Your favorite season is winter and you have decided on a date for your wedding, but first you need some winter wedding ideas! There are so many great winter wedding ideas out there, that you can incorporate a winter wonderland with a taste of wedding elegance. Keeping things simple when it comes to the winter wedding ideas is important though, because of the holidays sometimes things can go over the top. Here are some great winter wedding ideas to make your wedding a great one.

Indoor Winter Wedding Ideas

Since you have decided to have your wedding during one of the colder months of the year, you know that the wedding will most likely need to take place inside. Plan on a location that can easily hold all your guests and the wedding party comfortably. If you however are looking for winter wedding ideas for a warm location you may also look at outdoor wedding ideas. There should also be an ideal flow of your wedding décor with the location chosen.

Color Combo’s

Choosing the right color scheme for your winter wedding may seem simple at first. One of the best winter wedding ideas is to not follow the green and red theme of the season. This makes it more of a Christmas celebration than a wedding celebration. Lean more towards the light blues, whites and silvers. It really sets a glistening affect that will make an impression on the guests.

Image of married couple on page winter wedding ideas


It is a given that if you chose to get married in the winter, you are not going to be married at the beach. On that note, your décor should not reek of the summer or spring either. Bring some elegance into the wedding chapel and the reception with some ice sculptures or snowmen. Yes, snowmen! They can be lighted displays, not big tacky yard snowmen, just something small and cute that goes with the flow of the room. Also, be sure to include silver which really embraces the winter season by reminding us of glistening snow.

Honeymoon Winter Wedding Ideas

Another great winter wedding idea is in choosing your destination for your honeymoon. If you want to stick with a winter theme, maybe go to a ski lodge or rent a log cabin. Either would be perfect for any time of year, but fits best with some snuggle time and a fireplace!

Some of the best winter wedding ideas are found here and now. Why give yourself a headache to make that winter wedding a hit? Just taking a little extra time to plan and prepare your winter wedding ideas will be a like a trip through a wonderland.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

June 16th, 2011

Planning for an wedding and need outdoor wedding ideas? As a little girl we may daydream about our wedding day. We may even have an idea if we want a large or small wedding. We will dream if the dress will be long and if the flowers will be pink and if it will be an indoor wedding or outside. As an adult you may decide that the outside wedding is just what you want! If so, there are a few outdoor wedding ideas to keep in mind to really make it a day to remember.

What Season will will the Outdoor Wedding be in?

The first order of business will be to pick a date. If you are planning an outside wedding it is important to note the season because of heat and cold, rain or snow.  We all know how Mother Nature can really put a damper on our plans sometimes. This is one of the most important days of your life and you do not want to remember it by getting caught in a downpour. When thinking of outdoor wedding ideas choose an alternate date as well. Once you start finalizing plans on flowers, caterer, and location set a date in stone.  Try to choose a location that has a backup plan of going inside. If the reception is outside, have tents and such for the guests. That way the heat will not get to them and if it rains, all will not be lost.

Surf’s up with Beach Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Another outdoor wedding idea is having the wedding on the beach. Beach weddings can be fun and one of the most romantic settings for a wedding ever! One question that looms over brides-to-be for beach weddings is whether or not to wear shoes.  Have fun with the sand between your toes, because really, how much fun will high heels be in the sand? Also, have fun with the dress and groom’s tuxedoes. There is no reason to always go the formal route, why not wear a shorter cocktail dress and let the groom wear shorts. With all the many great outdoor wedding ideas out there, put yourself into the wedding. Make sure that no matter where the idea came from make it yours.

Image of couple in garden to illustrate outdoor wedding ideas

Outdoor Wedding Ideas for the Unity Candle?

The symbol of the unity candle is important to many brides and grooms of merging their two lives into one. However, if you are having an outside wedding keeping that candle lit might be more trouble than you think. A great outdoor wedding idea alternative to the unity candle is a unity vase. The bride and groom each have a separate color of sand and they would simultaneously pour into a large vase. It turns out beautiful and something you can save for years.

There really are many great outdoor wedding ideas that can be used by you. Be creative, unique and really make that wedding a day that will be cherished for many years.

Musical Instrument Insurance | 3 Things that Everyone Should Know

March 31st, 2011

Musicians know that their instruments are their life and therefore musical instrument insurance is important. It’s not just a piece of wood, string, or metal, it’s a part of them. And apart from the personal value that cannot be pegged to a price tag, the reality is that these instruments do not come cheap. If you happen to have a historically significant piece, the cash value increases substantially as well. What’s more, if you’re a professional musician, it’s also your livelihood. If you’re without your musical instrument, you lose income. So given all of these reasons and if you really think about it, musical instrument insurance makes absolute sense.

If you can insure your car and your jewelry, why not insure your musical instruments too?

1. Shop Around for musical instrument insurance

Just like any type of insurance, the best advice is always to shop around. Thanks to technology, the internet can now help you shop around in less time and with less hassle. It’s very easy to get quotes from insurers with the click of a button. And most insurance companies have their own websites that can cater to your inquiries 24/7 too.

Also there are musical instrument insurance comparisons sites such as www.click4carbon.com which can help give you access to different rates in just one website. Sites like these can give you a wider view of your options. And it can give you a general view of the rates available for your particular insurance plan.

Image of violin to show type of instrument that may be covered with musical instrument insurance

2. General Insurers vs. Musical Instrument Insurers

There are two basic options when it comes to musical instrument insurance. You can decide to check the general insurance agencies to see if they have insurance for musical instruments or you can go straight to a dedicated musical instrument insurance agency. Some examples of general insurance agencies with musical insurance options are Merz-Huber Co. and Allianz. Some examples of dedicated musical insurers are Clarion Associates Inc., Anderson Group and Heritage Insurance Services.

One benefit of going for a general insurer is if you already have an existing non-musical insurance plan with this particular company, you may be able to negotiate a good rate for the musical policy you wish to avail. If you have a relationship with this insurer, you may be able to use it to your advantage.

One benefit of going for a dedicated musical insurer is they may have more options for your needs. These insurers not only cover instruments against theft and accidents. They also have policies for music-related businesses, dealers, luthiers and orchestras.

3. How to Properly Evaluate Your Plan Options for Musical Instrument Insurance

Some of the things to look out for in your musical instrument insurance policy are premiums and coverage.

In terms of premiums check if the rates are within your budget, first and foremost. There are plans for as low as $25 a month, for example. Next, check if the premiums rise or fall as the years passes. If the premiums get lower, that’s good. If the rates get higher, make sure that the rise is something that you will be able to cope with.

In terms of coverage, make sure to check if you have all the necessary bases covered. Depending on your needs, double check with your insurer if all that you deem necessary are included. Some bases to consider for individual instruments are accidents, natural disasters, theft, replacement and validity. For symphonies, some considerations are instrument and orchestra member coverage. For businesses, consider if your building and employees could be covered as well.

Weird Instruments | Five of the Weirdest Instruments in the World

March 31st, 2011

Not a lot of people know that there are a lot of weird instruments that exist in the music world. Not everything that makes beautiful music is beautiful themselves. Some are so strange looking that you’ll have to take a second and third look at the instrument to figure out how in the world it came to produce melodies and harmonies.

And we’re not talking about misshapen guitars and freaky-looking flutes here. We’re talking about seriously strange and borderline sick instruments that’ll make you wonder what genius or seriously twisted mind ever came up with this idea.

The Kalashnikov Guitar the First of the Weird Instruments

These guitars are made from AK-47 rifles. These re-done guitars still feature the rifle’s main base including body, handle and trigger. On one end you can still hold it up to pretend aim. And on the other end you can adjust the guitar strings to prepare for a session jam. Truly one of the weird instruments of the world, not to mention quite disturbing too. I guess you can say that it’s deadly in more ways than one.

The Tsabona

This magnificently weird instrument hails from Greece. It made its debut approximately 2000 years ago. These weird instruments are very similar to the Scottish bagpipes. It plays a total of six notes.

The magnificence of this instrument is that its “bag” is made from goat skin. Thank goodness the mouthpiece is non-goat! Try breathing in and out of a super geriatric dead goat. Freaky!

Image weird instruments and music symbols

The Picasso Guitar

This guitar is also known as the multi-necked guitar. These weird instruments feature one guitar body with four strangely angled protruding necks. In all, the necks come up with a total of 42 strings.

Although this guitar was made especially for guitarist Pat Methany, it seems like it was better suited for an alien with four odd angled necks and four hands. These truly weird instruments are fascinating and creepy at the same time.

The Sea Organ

Who knew the sea could play a musical instrument? The seas of Zadar in Croatia do. And they do it well too.

This sea organ is the first of its kind in the world. It is shaped to look like normal steps or stairs by the sea. It is over seventy meters long. And it has 35 organ pipes build under the concrete steps built by the shore. The wind from the sea air and the pushing tides power the organ. And since these two are unpredictable at best, the musical concertos that result are always fresh and new. This weird instrument is a real treat for the senses and a testament to the magnificence of the human mind.

The Uberorgan the last of the Weird Instruments

This weird instrument was thought of and executed by the artist, Tim Hawkinson. This instrument looks like a series of translucent giant jellyfish connected to each other by their equally gigantic tentacles. These jellyfish like structures make a sound similar to a bagpipe, a very large bagpipe that is. This extreme visual and audio art was originally made for the 15,000 square foot gallery of the MassMOCA. So you can only imagine how very imposing it is.

Since its inception, this massive piece of strangeness has also travelled to New York City and to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.